Who has their ‘staycation’ booked?

Given everything we have been through this year, don’t we all deserve a holiday? I love travel, I love exploring new places, and most of all, I love getting on a plane and going to somewhere new and exciting, full of culture and new experiences. This year I was meant to go ‘home’ to Australia,Continue reading “Who has their ‘staycation’ booked?”

Getting Fit Despite COVID…

When lockdown started, I had the best intentions to stay fit, use the time around work and caring for my son to get fit and healthy. Unfortunately, the reality was that I ate more working from home. This was exacerbated by having a hungry three-year-old: when he eats, I snack too!  Then, my work schedule wentContinue reading “Getting Fit Despite COVID…”

What Do We Do Now?

I’m not sure about you, but I loved a busy lifestyle. I love to travel everywhere and anywhere, and my calendar is always full of social outings, weekends away and I am forever planning my next holiday. I enjoy exploring the countryside and the city sights, eating and drinking out, and more than anything IContinue reading “What Do We Do Now?”