Time for Celebrations

Sometimes when I look back at what the world has gone through this past two years, I must admire the resilience of humanity. Never in our lifetimes would we have imagined the world almost coming to a standstill with a global pandemic.

Businesses have had to stop and close; airlines have been grounded; schools closed; sports events cancelled; imports and exports have been restricted; friends and family have been kept at a distance; and worse, we have seen a catastrophic loss of too many lives all around the world.  Hollywood has written about this in many blockbuster movies; and yet we could never have imagined that it would become our reality. 

And yet we keep moving forward.

We have homeschooled children; adapted our homes to become our workplace; we have increased our technology intelligence to stay connected; online shopping has replaced the high street, and safety has become our priority when travelling or socialising or doing anything that involves interaction with others.

This is our new normal.

Most importantly the spirit of Christmas is still all around us. Our family reunions may be a little smaller this year, but we will still celebrate.  We must have hope for a healthy and more positive year ahead, and so we continue forward with our meals, our carols, our lights, our decorations and of course the gift of giving. Distance and safety measures cannot stop this. In many ways it brings a new meaning to Christmas, being thankful for the small things and the people who really matter.

Let’s hope for new beginnings.

Merry Christmas.  Happy Holidays.  Whatever you are celebrating, make it a wonderful time this year!

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