A Jolly Safety Christmas

As we watch the daily news with headlines talking about cases rising, this new variant sparking the likelihood of another pending lockdown and tighter restrictions, I feel like a sitting duck waiting for Covid to strike our family.

Another Christmas and New Year’s impacted by this pandemic feels inevitable. I had made some lovely plans leading up to the big day. This is my favourite time of the year, and one where I feel that my inner child really comes out to play. After last year’s uncertainty, we were assured that Christmas would be as normal as possible this year, and I wanted to make the most of it. And then we hit a new variant which throws a complete curve ball on all those plans!

In the UK there are rumours growing of a ‘circuit breaker lockdown’ as the new variant has seen cases triple day on day; but the government haven’t made any moves or given any clear direction. And so we wait and carry on with our plans. I am fully aware that the the risk is real. This variant is spreading like wildfire and yet I am not keen to stay home and hide away. Not right now. Not if I don’t have to.

Why? Well first I am triple vaccinated having just received the booster. Second, I wear a mask, keep my anti-bacterial gel in my pocket at all times, and I am continually practicing social distancing. Third, I regularly conduct lateral flow tests, and especially after days outs or events, to ensure that I don’t have covid (as sometimes the symptoms are not obvious). Fourth, I want to continue to support those many businesses who have been and continue to feel the impacts of this pandemic, and by cancelling my plans now they are suffering the consequences.

I have to believe that the combination of these factors will give me some security – but then again nothing is certain right now. For me it is about doing my best to protect myself, my family and anyone I come into contact with.

The fun doesn’t stop here – it maybe just looks a little different right now. Maybe the fun has a darkening cloud covering it, but when I do consider cancelling all these plans, I’m therefore letting this panic set in. So I’m committed to having the fun while it lasts but doing it in the safest possible way I can. Life doesn’t stop, but we can also protect life by being sensible and doing our part right?

So in doing this I’m wishing you all a very fun and festive season, whatever your fun looks like right now. Let’s be hopeful we can see a way through this darkening cloud to a brighter and more colourful 2022!

3 thoughts on “A Jolly Safety Christmas

  1. It’s interesting. From a distance, I have to wonder about the U.K. I read how cases are rapidly rising and yet, when I watched a football game yesterday, there was thousands of people packed cheek to jowl, with only about a third of them wearing masks. It doesn’t seem to make sense – everyone here is still wearing a mask in public Oh well! Who knows what goes through people’s minds 🙂 Merry Christmas R!


    1. Agreed G! Mask wearing is compulsory indoors only here so a football event is considered outdoors. Have to say I wore my mask outdoors in London on the weekend as there were crowds and this new variant is airborne


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