Virtually Starting a New Job

Yes I did! I started a brand new job with a brand new company just over six months ago (in the midst of this pandemic and lockdowns and restrictions).

I interviewed virtually. Completely over zoom meetings. No face to face. And, my interviews were always in smart but casual clothes sitting in my home office.

Working through lockdowns and balancing homeschooling

My first day and onboarding was virtual, my laptop was sent to my home address, and I remotely set up my profiles and logins with the IT team over the phone.

It was at least six months in before I even stepped foot into the office, and it was only then that I finally met a real life person in my new company.

Having said that, I don’t regret anything. I love my job, I am so glad I made the change, and I feel lucky to have found something that puts fire in my belly every morning.

My first time in our office headquarters (only 8 months into the new job!)

Starting to look for new opportunities I was scared. I felt like I should be grateful to be gainfully employed in the midst of this pandemic. But at the same time I was getting increasingly frustrated and I knew it was affecting me personally. There was this increasing expectation to be available around the clock, and I believe it was partly due to an assumption that when you work from home you can be 24/7. Wrong! I wasn’t sleeping and I was constantly on! I also felt like I needed a new challenge. To be pushed out of my comfort zone. And so I made the decision to take the plunge, after many years with the same company.

It was time for a real change. To focus on what was right for me!

What I’ve realised since moving companies and jobs, is that whilst the effects of the pandemic has changed the way we work, that we are still human, and we need to find a good balance between career and ambition, as well as health, family and wellbeing. That people should always come first. If a company puts profit and performance over its people, it loses. I have realised that technology is both a gift and a burden, and that you need to find a way to ensure that it doesn’t rule your existence. And I’ve learned that being happy at work is the best motivator.

My biggest learning of all… the pandemic should not be our excuse to finding that happiness. It may present hurdles and challenges but ultimately we own our decisions and life choices.

2 thoughts on “Virtually Starting a New Job

  1. Congrats on the new job R. I keep following your adventures on FB – that way I can live vicariously through you guys. Good to see all is well with you and yours. Take care!


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