Big Hopes for 2021

I see so many posts and blogs about farewelling 2020, and celebrating the back of a year that many would prefer to forget. Many have struggled through the past several months, being separated from loved ones, fearing this virus and all that it brings, job losses, business downturns, plans cancelled…. I could go on!

But I don’t want to forget. I don’t think we should. Human life is so precious and the little luxuries we have around us are often taken for granted. We should look back and learn. We should take heed of what has happened and hope that we can rebuild and find new and different ways to move forward.

All throughout history there have been natural disasters and plagues that have destroyed mankind and resulted in the mass loss of human lives. This one is no different. The spread of Covid-19 has moved quickly on a global scale, and this has been due to our inability to stop, follow rules and simply stay patient.

I’m writing this blog post because quite frankly I’m bored of it now. I’m sure we all are. We just want it over with, cut loose, get away, and live a normal life again. Yet that is just not possible right now. Even despite the recent vaccine approvals, life won’t be what we knew as ‘normal’ for quite a long time.

The after effects of this pandemic will likely last for years for many. So many have lost loved ones, and many have missed out on those final moments holding each other because of the risk of spreading Covid-19. Many businesses will never reopen, and let’s not forget the social and mental health impacts that isolation, fear, anxiety and loss has caused.

So will 2021 offer us a bright new shiny beginning?

The reality is, no! But with time, the roll out of vaccines, and an increased awareness and diligence from the general public we can hope for a slow return to a lifestyle that offers more freedom to move about and socialise with loved ones, friends and colleagues. We may even get comfortable giving those we care about a big hug again.

This past Christmas and New Years, has been the most minimalist celebration I’ve ever experienced. I am of course grateful for my small family and our quiet festivities. At the same time I have really missed spending time with our wider family, friends and purely enjoying that lead up to the festivities and celebrations, the events and the fun you have through the silly season. This year it didn’t feel so joyous.

So my New Year’s wish is for a hopeful year ahead. A year where things can change for the better, and we can all recover in our own ways. My four-year old son keeps asking me when the big germ will go away, so he can see his family in Australia and Ireland. I look forward to the day where I can tell him we have fought and won against the big germ and the planes are working again.

Happy new year 2021 – we have a lot banking on you!

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