The weather outside is frightful…

The start of winter is most definitely here!

I find it incredible to think that just under two weeks ago I went for a walk around my neighbourhood in shorts and t-shirt. The sun was shining and the warm gave its last bow for the year, as just two days later I had converted to knits and ugg boots.

This weekend the weather has been treacherous with wild winds, constant downpour and even flooding in parts of our countryside.

The hardest part now with Covid still circling around us, is what to do when the weather is so miserable. Right now we are amidst increased restrictions (lockdowns in some areas still) and we cannot mix households in many counties (at most we can have groups of six in non-affected areas). This time last year I didn’t even bat an eyelid on days like this to have friends around, keeping the heat on and just enjoying the warmth indoors. To keep my son entertained we would go to a soft play or the movies, and there was no need to plan, book in advance and even consider what precautions we might need to take to keep ourselves safe and well.

I’ve set my expectations now. The warm weather is long gone, and it is clear that we will endure a long, hard winter… Possibly much harder than years before given we are not seeing signs of a vaccine this year for Covid-19, and cold and flu season is also upon us. The risks are increasing, and it is so important that we continue to stay vigilant and respectful of the restrictions.

I’m not sure what the months to come will bring. Maybe tighter restrictions, a further lockdown? For sure, I’m staying in England right now, taking small but safe breaks in the countryside (as much as it hurts me to be away from family).

What does keep me focused and positive is that my son is going to school every day right now, and I am able to work effectively from home to perform my job, without the worry of commuting or being at risk of spreading germs in the office. Neither my husband or I have been in the office since February, which seems incredible when you think that we are now in October.

This weather is really no surprise. We are well versed with wet winters here in the UK. Now it is time just to prepare ourselves for this weather, and find creative ways to bear with the wet, windy, cold days that lie ahead, and look forward to the festive season, the New Year and beyond!

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