COVID-19 Memories

Many people will certainly want to forget Covid-19 and this year altogether! In some ways you can’t blame many for just wanting to move beyond lockdowns, restrictions, social distancing and everything else that has come with it.

For many, COVID has meant loss of income or jobs; business slowdown, or closure; home-schooling; inability to see close family and friends; sickness, death and general well-being concerns.

The reality is that COVID is not going away soon, and this blog by Robbie’s Inspiration got me thinking to be honest. Are there memories we want to capture from this year?

We certainly won’t be forgetting COVID any time soon, but personally there have been moments with my family and social bubbles that I find myself feeling grateful for.

  • Family time. Whilst school closures were inconvenient, especially as my husband and I work full time. We have been able to spend much more time this year together as a family. Our normal day or week involves rushing between work and childcare arrangements, trying to fit in the commute and social events, and generally wishing away each week, just to get to the weekend for those two days that are somewhat less manic.
  • Our neighbourhood has truly become a community. The friendships we have formed, the support and comradery (even over the 6-foot fences) and having people nearby to support and share experiences with has genuinely been a blessing. I remember having this as a child, but in my adult years I’ve never formed such good relations with my neighbours and I’m not sure if this would have happened despite COVID.
  • Daily exercise in the sunshine. Before COVID I had to try to fit any exercise in before or after work, and around my son’s morning routine or dinner time. Working from home means I can find an hour in the middle of the day to get out and enjoy the warm sunshine whilst getting fit and healthy. It may mean an earlier start or a later finish, but without the commute to the office, this is easily scheduled.

So, I don’t think I will be baking a cake to commemorate COVID. Partly because I’m not the best cook! I did however create a small and simple piece of artwork, a cut out of our hands. My family. This I have framed for my son’s playroom, and it signifies this uncertain and unprecedented moment in time. It represents our family unity, and will be a small reminder that whilst there has been a lot we would like to forget, we must remember to find positivity; for our own health and well-being.  

3 thoughts on “COVID-19 Memories

  1. Love the hands, R. Yes, there have been positives and, of course, most of those revolve around family and community. Still locked down here, although a possible easing at the end of this month all things being equal. Stay safe and stay calm. 🙂


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