My post Covid-19 wish list

I recently read a great blog post on a website I follow and it has inspired me to think about what I want once this pandemic panic is over.

The world has stopped this year, or most of it. Our lives have all been impacted in some way by Covid. In many ways I’m a little anxious about how we will think and act on many levels when things really start to relax. I don’t see us ever going back to the way things were completely. Some things will never be the same again. Covid-19 has changed us.

I was reading this article about the future of experiences post Covid. Online shopping has become very much the norm, and it is very likely that many will not run back to high streets for just a day of browsing. I love to shop. I used to love wandering down Oxford Street in London to just explore, find a bargain or discover the things I suddenly realised I needed to purchase. Online shopping may not offer that same touch and feel experience, or trying on ten outfits at a time. The reality however, is do we want that? And if we don’t, how will that impact retailers, jobs, real-estate, etc?

So the big question I now keep reflect on is what I would wish for once this pandemic is finally over?

  1. I want to travel, far and wide. I want to get on an plane or a train or a boat and find new places to explore without worrying about my health and safety. I especially want to get home to Australia to see my family and bask in the sunshine.
  2. I want a girls night out. Cocktails, crowds, music and people. I want to enjoy the buzz of being around people, and not fearing getting too close, or squeezing up to a bar to order some daiquiris.
  3. I want to hug my friends and family, without concern or feeling like I’m doing the wrong thing. I’m a tactile person, and I like to connect with people through physical touch. Reassuring someone is often my hand on an arm, or putting my arms around someone who is celebrating or feeling anxious. This is the way I show I care.

These are all wishes. They are nice-to-haves. Of course, it would be lovely if the world changed overnight. But the reality is that we still have some more months of restrictions to live with. My biggest wish of all, is that I want to avoid us going backwards. Having the restrictions we have today increased even further; or worse, a new lock down with everything but essential shops shutting once again. Access to any friends or family completely forbidden and confinement to our houses through the coming cold and wet months. This is what we need to avoid, and we can if we just follow the rules and guidelines that are still in place today.

‘Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.’

JOyce meyer

We have been dealing with these social, physical and lifestyle changes now for the best part of 2020. Many of us are getting impatient for normality to come back. Personally, I am desperate to see this year out to it’s close. I’m hoping that 2021 brings us much more to look forward to. The reality is that we must be patient and find a way through this situation, be aware and safe, and most of all, we should focus on staying positive and hopeful that the end of the pandemic will come soon.

4 thoughts on “My post Covid-19 wish list

  1. Totally with you on the travelling and hugging stuff R – on the girls’ night out – well, not so much. You are right, we will never go back to quite the way it was before and in many ways, that may be a good thing. If nothing else, this pandemic has made us sit down and analyse our priorities. Sometimes we haven’t been overly thrilled with what we’ve discovered. This is a chance to get it right this time – I hope we take it. Have a glorious post-Covid, when it arrives.

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