Back on the Bicycle

Life is like riding a bike… to keep your balance you must keep moving.

This is such an apt saying for right now. We can’t stop, wait and put our lives on hold just because of Covid-19. We have to keep moving forward, despite the challenges that this year, the lockdown and all the restrictions we are facing, has thrown at us.

For my son’s fourth birthday his big present was a red bicycle! Red goes faster he tells me! Well look at him go!

My previous bike – pretty but not practical

I actually bought myself a new bicycle too! It was my own treat to me. Something I felt I could indulge in despite Covid-19 and all things pandemic. I wanted something that was a little more sporty than my previous bike (which was very pretty but not very practical as you can see from the picture). My new ‘sporty’ bike is much lighter, a little less decorated, but rides like a dream. I can’t wait until we can do some real family bike riding.

Perhaps by next summer he will be off his training wheels!! I can be patient – I guess. What is so exciting, is watching his confidence grow with each biking adventure we take. I love watching him test himself and his balance as he navigates different terrain or different speeds.

Despite some patchy weekend this bank holiday just gone, I was inspired to encourage my son to get out on a bike ride with me, after I’d read a news article about the 4J Studios Open Series 5 and Kayleigh Haggo’s new world record! Getting on a bike, whether it is for fun, adventure or competition is just so much fun. The joy is contagious!

I remember exploring bike paths and different ways home as a kid, and even making little obstacle paths around our garden and on our footpath. I loved BMX Bandits (an Australian movie – in fact one of Nicole Kidman’s first starring roles), and I would ‘try’ stunts on my own non-BMX bike, having mini competitions with my brothers!

My bike was out almost every day, and I hope the same will be for my son. It is such a healthy, fun and non-expensive sport to enjoy. Exploring the countryside, testing your balance as you navigate different paths and obstacles, and feeling the breeze on your face as you race against the wind and push your limits.

I keep telling myself that the weather has been such a blessing through all of this. Being able to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine with some easy, lighthearted activities has made these restrictions much more bearable.

However, Autumn is coming and I know the days will get much cooler, and the weather will start to turn. I’m an outdoors person, but only when the weather is right. In other words, I don’t like the rain. I can deal with the cold, and in fact I love a fresh, bright winter’s day, when the ground is almost white, and the cold air snaps at you as you enjoy the outdoors. When it rains, I go into hibernation. So I’m making every moment count right now, as I’m well aware that our UK winters can be so predictably soggy and miserable.

This weekend the forecast is sunshine and only slightly cloudy skies. I can guarantee we will be out again with our bikes enjoying what could be some of the last of our summer weekends. What are you doing this weekend? Is your bicycle ready to go?

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