Covid – Indulgences

Our lifestyles have changed significantly. At least for most of us.

My social calendar is less active, I’m not travelling so much, and I’m not filling up my weekends with many different social activities. I’m spending a lot more time at home.

AND… I’m giving myself more permission to make up for the lack of activities with more indulgences… why? 

Ok so here’s my self-assessment or perhaps it is a self-diagnosis. Regardless, I’d love to hear from anyone else, and maybe hear other’s opinions on my own evaluation.

Snacks and Treats

Excuse number one, I have a four-year-old boy. He is always hungry. He wants to snack all day long. When I pull out the biscuit tin, I have to try one myself (for his well-being of course). 

Then, as one of my video conference calls finishes a smidge early, I could go back to my exploding inbox, or I could grab a biscuit? The dilemma is real!

Coffee … Coffee … Coffee

My sleep these days is seriously disrupted. I’m often still online trying to finish my day’s work into the evening. Then I need wind down time (blogging, movies, reading, cleaning…) and so I’m not getting to bed until late. Still sleep evades me, and when I do finally get into that wonderful slumber, my wonderful four year old wakes and wants a cuddle. It’s a no win.

We have a ‘Nespresso’ machine at home that froths the milk. It is wonderful! It is convenient! And unlike the café near work, it is easy to access, and I can go back for more multiple times without a straight-up cost and the inconvenience of trying to rush back for my next meeting.


Work and home feel like a big blur right now. Sometimes the one thing that signifies the end of my workday, is just pouring a simple glass of wine. It’s that simple. It’s refreshing, and it feels like the evening can finally begin – I can relax, sit back and unwind.

Previously, that separation from work came from the commute or drive home from the office, or the school pick up.  Our brains need to mentally disconnect, and right now it’s hard. My work laptop is just in the other room. My emails come through my phone. It is too easy just to make that excuse …’It’s just one more email right?’ Wrong. 

Online spending

I’m a sucker for shopping most of the time, but right now I’m the prime candidate. Offer me a discount, a deal where I can return for free? Ok I’m in, where do I put my credit card details? 

I’m actually not missing the high street shops at all. I love the convenience of shopping on my iPad and the convenience of clicking through catalogues in my spare time. But it is dangerous for sure. Checking my bank statements and credit card bills of late, someone needs to remove my Wi-Fi access! 

It’s not all bad, but it has certainly been a change of lifestyle and focus for me.  I’m sure many others can understand. Is it sustainable? Probably not. But for now this is my new reality.

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2 thoughts on “Covid – Indulgences

  1. That’s one big-ass cup R – yep, can certainly identify with those indulgences. My naughty sin during Covid has definitely been chocolate, although I yearn for a good burger and sometimes spend ridiculous amounts on delivery services just to indulge. We’ve got to enjoy ourselves – right?


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