Who has their ‘staycation’ booked?

Given everything we have been through this year, don’t we all deserve a holiday?

I love travel, I love exploring new places, and most of all, I love getting on a plane and going to somewhere new and exciting, full of culture and new experiences. This year I was meant to go ‘home’ to Australia, and I was also booked to go to Barcelona, The Netherlands, Scotland and Greece. Told you I love my travel! 🙂

Lucky for us, we got in early (December in fact) to book a cheeky summer vacation break in Cornwall for August 2020. Of all the holidays we had planned this year, our Cornwall holiday was the only constant amidst all the cancellations. It has been my shining light throughout lockdown. All through the closures of schools, shops, hotels, holiday homes, workplaces, and my beloved travel plans, I remained ever-hopeful that by August we would be able to lift the restrictions enough to get away to Cornwall and escape from from it all.

Well we are now on our way, and I can’t be more excited. No I’m not boarding a plane, and I don’t have my passport with me! But, there will be a beach, and I’ve left my work laptop behind! Yes, that’s right you heard me, I’m not working on this break!

The best thing is, we got in early! Everyone knows that Cornwall is expensive in summer breaks, but with the restrictions (and fears) around travel, it has literally exploded in popularity. The place we booked is not in a built up location, and hopefully we can steer clear of the crowds and people to remain safe. Right now I’m always conscious of not adding to the volumes of people that seem to gather in one location. However, I’m confident we can find secluded spots to enjoy the scenery and the seaside on our week away.

My last trip to Cornwall in 2015!

So who else got in early to book their ‘staycation’ this year? Where are you going?

Who waited to book and what did you find? Any gems?

Have you decided to do something that you’ve never done before? Camping, Caravanning, Canal boating? Cabin holidays?

The thing I am focused on right now, is that we need to support and rebuild our economy. Staycations, local activities, and especially supporting small businesses is critical to our future. With the pending fall out (both economically and socially) following the impacts of Covid-19, I feel that anything we can do to focus on our communities is important right now.

What more can we do right now? We are in this together and I am not sure I’ll be venturing far in the very near future. So let’s explore what is right around us, and find new and exciting places to discover!

Keep updated with these musings and thoughts…

I would love to admit that I built this sandcastle but that would be a giant untruth. Looks good though right? Penzance 2015.

3 thoughts on “Who has their ‘staycation’ booked?

  1. Oh R!!!! You have me so jealous. Because we are over 60, we are still not allowed to leave the house. Our staycation definitely is a STAYcation. Stay safe kiddo and keep posting the fun stuff


  2. I’m so jealous. I tried to find somewhere local to go but the prices were so high last minute. Enjoy and can’t wait to get away myself – when that time comes!


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