Exploring: Coombe Hill, The Chilterns

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There is a small sense of achievement when you reach the top of a hill climb and you can stop and take in the views.  Especially straight after breakfast, before your day really starts, and while energy levels are high, and sun isn’t too strong.

We are fortunate to live in the countryside right beside the Chilterns which is a beautiful part of the English countryside with a lot of walks and places to explore. Coombe Hill is the highest viewpoint in the range of the Chiltern hills. Once you get to the top, the view is awesome, and it’s not a strenuous trek either.

I love that there are over a dozen cows feeding and roaming all about and around the hill.  They don’t seem too phased by us, and our little dog just meekly walks past the large beasts as they look up from grazing for a few seconds to give him a once over.  Just watch out for those cow paddies!

Another lovely surprise is the nature play trail, where kids can explore the dense woodland, and get a little bit adventurous.  There is plenty of space to spread out with a picnic and the weather today was just perfect for taking in all that was around us.

What is refreshing is that it wasn’t crowded (perhaps being there early was the trick). We didn’t need to navigate crowds of people and the paths are wide enough to allow plenty of space for social distancing as you pass others walking by.

Finding a place like this just needs a little research, making sure it will work for you, your fitness and your family. Whether it’s Coombe Hill in the United Kingdom, or somewhere else near to your home, it is about finding the right spot to enjoy a different bit of scenery and tranquillity.  

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