Fresh Air and Exercise

When did you last ride a bike? Or go for a long walk around your town or village? You don’t need to be super fit to do these simple things, but the benefits of really stretching your legs and making your heart pump does more for you than you realise.

Our lifestyle priorities really have changed. Over the past several months we have had to forgo gyms, sports clubs, organized events and activities. Even now, as the precautions around these facilities are lifted, it makes me second guess whether we should rush back. There is no cure yet to this virus, and I’m not one to put me or my family at risk.

Personally didn’t have a gym membership (I was never that organized), but I did enjoy organized activities for my son, and sometimes myself that were focused on team sports and health and wellness. Also hearing from friends and colleagues, they are now appreciating how much they have saved in memberships and fees whilst everything has been in shutdown.

Right now the weather is warm, the sun is ‘mostly’ shining, and without the busy agenda of life we had before, there is no better thing to do than to explore the great outdoors.

Google is my friend right now as I look up: ‘places to walk with kids’; ‘places to walk with dogs’; ‘nature reserves’; ‘bicycle paths’. I sometimes even leave my phone behind on these little adventures (yes really), so I can truly take in the fresh air, the scenery and enjoy what surrounds me in a way I’ve never really done before. There is a sense of peace and mind rejuvenation when you’re just walking with no real purpose but to enjoy the surroundings. I actually can feel my brain relax for that moment in time.

Many of you are possibly thinking what’s so great about a walk or a bike ride. Some of you have perhaps always scheduled time for this. Some of you may live in a built up city, and this would mean a drive out of town to find that space and tranquility. Perhaps it is a riverside walk beside the Thames or sometime thing similar. Wherever you can find your space I urge you to seek it out. Try it out.

Whatever your personal situation, now is the best time to really take advantage of what surrounds us. Find your own spot (or find several) and enjoy the scenery, fresh air and tranquility it offers. Get away from the crowds, out of your home, and enjoy breathing in the sunshine, cool air and surroundings.

Trust me. For your mind, your sense, your soul, your health and your wellbeing; this will do you far more good than you realise.

Keep up to date with ideas and tips on what to do…

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