The Masked Truth

To mask or not to mask, that seems to be the question. The debate is strong, it’s emotional and it’s happening all over the world right now. How can we focus on the real issue? Preventing the spread of this virus and how we can get back to a ‘sense of normality’? Maybe that is unrealistic?

So let me start with why I wear a mask…

First of all I hate the mask. It’s hot and uncomfortable and it feels like someone is holding a cloth tightly over my nose and mouth which just feels wrong. The thing is, it is I see it as so necessary right now. This virus is just so difficult to predict, and who knows what the long term impacts are. I’m not one for gambling, but I see ‘not wearing a mask’ as the biggest gamble of all. We know masks prevent the transmission of virus, and if there is one precaution I can personally take control of, this is the one.

It’s also not just about me, it’s about everyone around me, and anyone who passes by me, especially in indoor spaces. I don’t know who is next to me in the post office queue and who they have been in contact with. At the same time, they don’t know me, and so I’m protecting them, especially as I have an almost four year old who touches EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, and as much as I instil washing hands and being safe, he may be carrying the virus for all I know.

What I don’t believe in for sure, are the examples of intimidation and bullying that I’m seeing in the media. Citizens taking to their camera phones, and recording their dispute in general stories against the policy that we should all be wearing masks. These outbursts against retail outlets, or even police – real people with families who are clearly there to carry out their normal duties. This is bullying behaviour, and whilst they may have a stance that they truly believe in (and I don’t understand but I accept everyone has a view), what I cannot comprehend is why they need to make another human being feel small or intimidated in the process? Please tell me if I’m being unfair here?

The mask debate may carry on for a while, and whilst we may have different opinions on what is our basic human right, what I do know is that we all have a ‘basic human right’ to be treated with kindness and humanity.

My main focus for me, my family and my friends right now is to do everything I can that is possible to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to hopefully start to resume life ‘as normal’ whatever that will look like moving forward. You with me?

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