A Simple Idea

When did you last have a ‘real picnic’? Not the collection of nibbles collected from your local or Marks and Spencer, but a proper homegrown picnic.

This is such a simple, yet enjoyable day out for you, your family and friends. It is also a good option if you want to meet up with friends you haven’t seen but in a socially distanced way. In the open air you can space yourself out, and still enjoy a real catch up. So don’t wait, just do it. Get yourself a small picnic bag, or just something handy to put food in. Here’s some simple ideas of what to include…

  • Order yourself a chicken to roast – and of course cook it before hand
  • Some baguettes or bread rolls – butter them in advance
  • Chop up some salad items – tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers
  • Bring some deli meats – prosciutto, chorizo sliced, pepperoni
  • Cheese (a must) – either cheddar or sliced camembert
  • Don’t forget a yummy scrummy treat for after (cupcakes, tart, or anything that would help a sweet tooth).

Then, don’t forget the drinks…

  • Water – plenty of this
  • Wine – for the adults
  • Juices/canned softdrinks for both the kids and adults

Even more important is the vibes – if you have an iPhone with a good speaker (even a blue tooth speaker). Then finally a good old fashioned picnic blanket. Make it something you can roll up and carry easily with your food and drink in hand.

Now google! Find yourself a quiet picnic spot, somewhere you can park and walk and be completely separated from society. Don’t go for those public places, but somewhere that is tranquil, flat and just far away from it all.

Trust me! Once you sit down, lay out your setting and just sit back and take in the surroundings you will find yourself relaxed, satisfied and just all round pleased with yourself for organising such a simple treat. If you haven’t tried this – you must. It takes minimal organisation and even less effort to clean up after. Just do make sure you clean up after yourself – it’s only polite to the next group that are looking for the same tranquility (and of course to the environment as a whole).

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