What Do We Do Now?

I’m not sure about you, but I loved a busy lifestyle. I love to travel everywhere and anywhere, and my calendar is always full of social outings, weekends away and I am forever planning my next holiday. I enjoy exploring the countryside and the city sights, eating and drinking out, and more than anything I love being around people.

So when lockdown happened, my weekends were suddenly cleared, my social calendar cleared, and for almost three months I was locked down in my own four walls with my little family. Don’t get me wrong, the family time has been the saving grace to my sanity, but at the same time, I have truly missed the social side to my lifestyle.

Like many others, we have had to adapt to working at home on a full time basis, with my husband doing the same, whilst balancing full time care of of our almost four year old son. Having said that I consider us having an easier experience than many others. I hear so many stories of parents with babies, or even more than one child, or living in circumstances where working from home is not possible, or even having to continue finding a way to be on site due to their role requirements, whilst balancing parenting full time. It has been a true test of our resilience for sure.

This is my new blog, I would love to keep you updated on my journey and stay connected.

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