This is me…

I’m a mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend and more. I work hard in a busy role, I study and I write. I’m learning every day and mostly from those around me.

I grew up in Australia, in a seaside town just north of Brisbane, Queensland. I now live in the UK, outside of London but close enough to commute to catch up with friends and enjoy the London lifestyle. I love keeping busy in my life, and I enjoy travelling, exploring and just spending time with my family and friends! I have truly missed that lifestyle amidst the COVID-19 lockdown.

I have always been a writer at heart, and I have created all types of stories from a very young age. My focus on my studies, my career and my life were always important to me, but my creative outlet has always been writing.

Why Embracing This Storm?

  • Because this year has been like no other I’ve experienced before.
  • Because we are experiencing the same storm, we are just in different boats.
  • Because we have to find a way through our own storms and I hope to connect with others to find ways to support each other.

My hope for this page:

  • I want to share my own experiences in the hope to connect to others feeling the same way
  • I hope to share ideas and things to do, especially as a family as I explore the ‘new normal’
  • I would love to hear from others who are experiencing the same, even host some guest blogs.

Thank you for visiting me here, and please do share with me your thoughts and observations.

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