Embracing This Storm

Is this the ‘New Normal’?

This year (2020) has been like no other. With COVID-19 all around us, we are all experiencing a wild storm of uncertainty. We are just perhaps in different boats, as our experiences differ amidst this uncertainty.

How do we navigate everything that is impacting us, our family and friends? What can we do to find a new sense of normality? 

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When does this all end?

I’m frustrated. I’m exhausted. I’m done! Anyone else? It can’t be just me?? I still often wonder how we have got to this place? How are we still here? Why can’t we make this all stop? It feels like a bad dream that we just can’t wake up from. My sensible side, however, tells meContinue reading “When does this all end?”

Virtually Starting a New Job

Yes I did! I started a brand new job with a brand new company just over six months ago (in the midst of this pandemic and lockdowns and restrictions). I interviewed virtually. Completely over zoom meetings. No face to face. And, my interviews were always in smart but casual clothes sitting in my home office.Continue reading “Virtually Starting a New Job”

Covid Time Warp

It’s been a while I know. I’m sorry for that. I’m sure like many of you the events of the last two years have created many ups and downs. More lockdowns, restrictions everywhere, constantly being updated on case numbers and death rates, feeling helpless to support those experiencing the fallout of the pandemic and theContinue reading “Covid Time Warp”

Big Hopes for 2021

I see so many posts and blogs about farewelling 2020, and celebrating the back of a year that many would prefer to forget. Many have struggled through the past several months, being separated from loved ones, fearing this virus and all that it brings, job losses, business downturns, plans cancelled…. I could go on! ButContinue reading “Big Hopes for 2021”

Lockdown Tip – Alphabet Hunt

Finding fun activities to keep your child entertained through lockdown can be hard. This is a simple fun game I made up which had my son entertained for over an hour!

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