Embracing This Storm

Is this the ‘New Normal’?

This year (2020) has been like no other. With COVID-19 all around us, we are all experiencing a wild storm of uncertainty. We are just perhaps in different boats, as our experiences differ amidst this uncertainty.

How do we navigate everything that is impacting us, our family and friends? What can we do to find a new sense of normality? 

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Read the most recent posts – my musings, thoughts and some handy ideas of things to do with friends and family…

Sending a Virtual Hug

The comfort of a real hug is a distant memory. But the thought still counts, so send along your hugs today…

The Power of Nature

I’m not a green finger and gardening generally is not my thing. But… I do love the majestic beauty of a sunflower under the clear blue sky in summer. One of the benefits of lockdown is we were home most of this summer to nurture our garden and so we decided to plan some sunflowerContinue reading “The Power of Nature”

COVID-19 Memories

Amidst all the anxiety, isolation and loss this year, can we find something we can be positive about. What will you take away from COVID-19.

Exploring: The Cotswolds

Last weekend we were in one of my favourite English countryside locations… The Cotswolds. We are quite fortunate as it is just an hour or two drive from our house, depending on which part of the Cotswolds we visit, but it is truly like entering a different world of quintessential sandstone homes and beautiful landscapes.Continue reading “Exploring: The Cotswolds”

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